Not so impressive memory haha

Chris Kotra Hallett Cove, AU

Started listening to the band in early high school. I was obsessed and listened to all of the albums obsessively. Main memories of Gish involve playing particularly the first two songs, I am One, and Siva in the car. There’s quiet breaks in those two songs and by coincidence, I remember I would come to a stop waiting for traffic and the music would have a break. Then I’d take off accelerating again and the guitars and drumbeat would come roaring back. I felt like I was part of the music. 

As years have gone by, I’ve come back to Gish every now and then and have realised how different it feels to other Smashing Pumpkins albums. I don’t know what any of the lyrics are meant to mean but it doesn’t matter.

Keep it up SP!

Never stopped listening

Lee Chicago burbs, US

Gish is the only album I have ever played literally over a thousand(or pretty damn close to a 1000) times in its entirety. Gish is an absolute masterpiece, it encapsulated a unique time period for SP. Gish was a catalyst album for them that capped off one era and jetted in a whole new journey with Corgan being the ring leader of the magical circus. 

I’ve listened it to Gish throughout all the major points in my life, from breakups to new beginnings, through great times and some really shitty times ones, Gish has been a life-long friend to me, well a 30 year old, life-long friend anyway. 🙂

Happy Birthday Gish!

Gish Headgear

Cale Chicago, IL, US

Here is some Gish-themed headgear, inspired by A 19th century fashion plate.

Red Rhinoceros

Karmann Sloane El Paso, TX, US

Having just been adopted into my forever family, I remember
that SP was the first music I’d ever heard in my new home. Our kitchen was
painted red, and when I asked my mom why that was, she introduced me to the
video for Rhinoceros, from her favorite album. It was always a source of
inspiration for her, and since she’s passed that down moreover, Gish will
forever be a soundtrack to real love and contentment.


Summer of 91

Aaron Frankfort, ky, US

I had a best friend named john that came back from summer camp in 91′ and one of the older camp counselors was playing Gish in the cabin. John asked who the band was and bought a gish cd on the way home. He brought it over that weekend and was so excited to have me hear it. We were both 11 at the time and the moment i heard I Am One i was hooked for life. The Pumpkins helped shape my love for music, i would not be the same person without them.  

I don’t live, I inhale I don’t give, I unveil…

Jose Francisco Javier Garcia Ortiz Tustin, CA , US

I first bought the Gish CD exactly on May 28, but wayyyy back in 1998! KROQ played it a lot those days and I fell in love with both Smashing Pumpkins and Gish. My dad drove me to Blockbuster Music to buy it. My first impression was that it was Grungy, the typical 90’s Nirvana sound since this album was produced by the Father of Grunge Butch Vig! Here I am holding my beloved vinyl copy, which I bought 15 years ago at Virgin Megastore San Francisco in November of that year during a 3 day weekend. 

My favorite song? Rhinoceros, that bass line and guitar feedback… 

I am wearing my Gish shirt, which arrived today in time!

Love and peace to you all Pumpkins fans.

Cheers to 30! 


Serena New York, US

I first heard 1979 when I was in graduate school in the mid-90s.  It reminded me of growing up in small town Texas in the 1970s — we even had that live wire that, devastatingly, killed an elementary schoolmate.  I thought the song was for me and all these years later, I still think most of the SM’s songs are for/about me!  I had my SM cassette tapes with me in Austin, Houston, London, New York and even, Zimbabwe.  Long live the Pumpkins!

Black Lights & Tie-Dye

Janay Larson El Paso, TX, US

I bought
my first copy of the album, & the sound was unreal. Wanting to memorize it,
I noticed it didn’t come with lyrics. Every night under a black light, I’d try
to learn & write down every word I thought was said. Hours spent enveloped
in the lyrics were an escape; a sacred time transported to another era. Now, the
album conjures up that same inner peace. I still feel those amazing memories of
happiness, deciphering lyrical genius, & music that made me.

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Coming back to Gish

Patrick Johnson Northvale, NJ, US

I became a fan during the Siamese Dream era. Wanting more, I also picked up Gish. I liked it, but it was such a different album and I didn’t immediately get it. But, I kept going back to Gish. And then one day Gish clicked for me, especially “I am One.”  Then the album became a favorite of mine. 

Hooked at first listen

Jeremy Bourbonnais, IL, US

Was 19, in the Navy at a dance club in Orlando, FL. When I heard Siva playing I went to the DJ and asked who it was. Went out the next day and bought Gish. SP has been my favorite band ever since. 

Late One Friday Night

Drew Edinburgh , GB

So late one Friday night after coming from Rock City nightclub  I was watching an ITV show call Raw Power. I can vividly remember seeing the video for Rhinoceros and being blown away…. Next morning it was straight down to Way Ahead records in Nottingham and bought Gish on vinyl. Straight home and played all weekend. Cannot believe 30 years old! 

The night SP blew Pearl Jam and RHCP off the stage

Mike Hiratzka Miami Beach, FL, US

The first time I saw SP was in Cincinnati in 1991, Pearl Jam opened and RHCP headlined.  I was front and center on the barricade for SP, it was incredible!  They were by far the best band on stage that night, and watching Billy and Jimmy  up close was amazing.  One of the concert highlights of my entire life!

Gish and the Girl

Cam Miller Dayton, KY, US

In Oct. of 1991, I asked to be the lunch hour DJ of my suburban Detroit high school. I had just moved there the previous spring and was trying to “fit in”  so I completely fabricated a story of how I had been a DJ at my old school in South Carolina (I had not). My first order of business was to ask students to write down what music they wanted to hear. A punk rock girl walked up, wrote “Smashing Pumpkins Gish ” on the sign up sheet and walked away.  I bought the CD. The LONG BOX CD and fell in love with the Pumpkins… and that girl. She became my first high school girlfriend. 🙂

My favourite Gish track

Margo -, PL

I love this track 🦏


Dave Hulegaard Port Townsend, WA, US

15 years old with money burning a hole in my pocket, I went to the record store to buy Swervedriver’s Raise. While scouring the S section, my eyes locked onto the Gish cassette. I’d recently heard “Siva” and loved it, so my eyes looked no further, and I left with Gish. Happily. 30 years later, it’s still the most influential record I’ve ever owned. 

My favorite album

Pablo Antonio Orizaba, MX

I hear about the band and i wanted to learn more about so i discovered Gish and i hear Rhinoceros for the first time and I was completely amazed , i figured out than i want to have Gish in CD so the last december i receive my copy as a birthday gift and now i’m happy to form part of this 30 anniversary of Gish 

Wait… they already put out an amazing album?

Kyle Wrightsville Beach, NC, US

Singles st dropped when I was 15. Drown was my 1st exposure to TSP. I quickly went back and grabbed Gish and had my mind blown at its beautiful sounds and songs. Bury Me was the rocker I needed. 🙂 I was a year shy of full immersion with the release of SD, beginning work at the record store and seeing TSP for the 1st time in Nov. ’93. Since then, Gish and SD have been the soundtrack of life, followed very soon by MCIS, Adore, Machina, etc., etc. What a ride!!

The original double CD 😅


My original double CD, Always love it and listen to it 😍

Gish on vinyl

Lea Sharpe Lynchburg, VA, US

The first I ever heard Gish, I was in my junior year science class, and would purposely finish all of my work early to listen to the album. Specifically, Siva rocked my world. Later the next year, my family and I went to the Bridge Stone arena in Nashville to see the Smashing Pumpkins, my now favorite band. I had wanted Gish on Vinyl extremely bad, and I couldn’t find my brother at the merch table. To my surprise, I turn around with him holding Gish on vinyl just for me! 

Rhinoceros Waltz

Anne Falls Church, VA, US

My first child was born around Gish’s 20th anniversary. She was a colicky baby and we spent many moonlit hours waltzing up and down the hallways together to the softly playing, dreamy tune of Rhinoceros. For some reason, this song in particular soothed her more than others. Ten years later, Rhinoceros still makes me think back to that incredibly exhausting, yet sweet time of early motherhood.

My first SP memory

Jed Shaffer Clinton Township, MI, US

In 91, a friend had a friend in Chicago. This FOAF sent my friend a mixtape to “educate him”. On it were songs from Gish. It was the only thing on the tape that stuck with me, but I couldn’t find Gish at my local record shop. It’d be 2 more years before I found the Pumpkins.


Andreas Berlin, DE

This track blew me away back then, I remember it very well, the other one was “I Am One”… that power, that drummer!
I’m a big fan since the 90s and I still love this album!

First listen

Fredrik Sollentuna, SE

I worked in a record store and a newsletter promoted Gish so I ordered a couple of copies. I instantly put on Gish and was blown away by it. Been a fan ever since!

Life Changing Moment

Matt San Diego CA, US

Its a story, more than 300 words! So i made a jpg of it

Old Box of Tapes

Bernie Bazzett Caledonia, New York, US

Around October of last year my aunt heard that I was getting into cassettes so she dug out her old box of tapes and sent them to me. I got the package one morning before school and opened it up and the first thing I saw was a homemade copy of Gish. I ended up skipping my first class to sit and listen to that tape and was completely blown away. My mom heard me listening to it a few days later and told me she remembers that my aunt took her Gish tape to make the copy that I know have. 

Billy Rocking “Rocket” on Gish Tour

Paul Jendrasiak Grand Haven, MI, US

Billy opening with “Rocket” November 20, 1991 at Kalamazoo State Theatre in Michigan.

Memories of home

Chio Cancun, MX

All Gish songs bring me memories of the highway to home for Christmas. My family together, the Holiday reunions, the friends, and a beatiful season, when my father was still alive. Thank you SP for that magic!!!! 🙏💗

10 to the Hour, Every Hour

Tony Belser Atlanta, GA, US

July, 1991. The summer before my Junior year of high school. MTV was on in my room, as usual, one regular Salina, KS Saturday.  At 10 to the hour, every hour, Kurt Loder would always let me know what was happening. Well, this particular instance it was a new Chicago, IL based band called Smashing Pumpkins. 

“Wow, I was just in Chicago last week for my Dad’s family reunion…and what an awesome name for a band” little 16 yr. old me thought. 

After a great news feature where I saw this killer looking group that was multi-racial AND multi-gender, a video called SIVA was aired. 

“Woah…who writes a harmonized guitar intro like THAT…who plays the drums like THAT…what a voice…and the bottom drops out in the middle…Who Is THIS…?” 

I bought the tape immediately, (I still have it), and, thus, began a long ride with my favorite band of all. Happy Anniversary Gish!

Gish Longbox

Hugo Daniel Sanchez Maracaibo , VE

Nothing makes me feel my age like the environmentally wasteful beauty of an early 90s Gish longbox.

Creating a Bond

Holly Sycamore, US

My sister wasn’t a huge fan of SP growing up & was annoyed by how obsessively I clung to their music. In ‘11 she bought me the Gish reissue for my birthday. She watched the dvd with me & something about seeing SP at Metro where we went to shows hit differently. She went through the entire discography the next few days falling in love with the polyphony & ultimately creating a huge bond for us. 


Georgios Farmakis Patras, GR

I was a teenager when I first heard the pumpkins in a late night radio show called “Postmodern music”. That soothing voice that turned angry in seconds haunts me since then. And when I can I will…and the guitar still, gives me the chills. Thanks Billy! I used to be a little boy listening to gish in the darkness of my room. Now I am a 44 years old man and the gish memories are so alive inside my soul. 

SP music is magic spells. You can’t change my mind on this.

Lindsey Lero Kansas City, US

Saw tonight, tonight on MTV at 7. Fell in love. Saw SP on the machine tour at 12. Changed my life. Followed everything sp from then on. WON tickets to the so shiny/so bright tour during the worst time of my life, after a lost pregnancy. (The for Martha video was beautiful) bought tickets for the chicago date with afi for my honeymoon, but didn’t go bc I was getting divorced. Bellydanced to CYR on Halloween 2020 with my first ever crush in our new home. What can I say? SP is magic 🖤

Mis-spent youth

Jon FR

I’m probably 15 years old, skipping school on a rainy day because surely there’s more interesting things out in the world. I cycle the 5 miles to the town center so I can hit the thrift shop vinyl bins hoping to find treasure in someone’s old musical memories. All the while Gish is playing on my Walkman, it creates the backdrop for the day, the shifting Sonics, sometimes brutal, sometimes sweetly soft, seem to mirror my emotions and the weather. The album always makes me remember that rainy lost day. 


Joshua Domínguez Santa Cruz De La Sierra, BO

The first time I heard a song from Gish was in 2015. After going to through a bittersweet year suddenly I was getting into a bad depression without accepting that I was having deeper issues with myself. At that point I hated and felt sorry for me, the first girl  that I ever fell in love with just rejected me months prior to 2015 which led me to a serious misbehavior with all my surroundings (I was angry, sad, confused and dazed all the time, I even start to drink more and more every time I got the chance) , I couldn’t find any words or any consolation on anybody or anything until one night in one of many bitter moments at the roof of my house, I listened rhinoceros, a song that along mayonnaise gave me that chilling feeling of knowing how I was doing at that time, it help to canalize some sadness inside that along with a long trip to a place where I felt I was useful it help me get through those times which I will forever be thankful to you smashing pumpkins for been one of the few humans to know how I was.

Gish Poster

Jeremiah Jones US

Gish has always had a special place in my heart. From first listen I
fell in love with the album’s rawness, emotion, and power. It pulled at my
Midwestern teenage heart which at the time was full of yearning to get out and experience
the world and it took me on a journey of inspiration and possibility. It brings
me back to a time when things were not so immediate. There was something
special about those times that cannot be replicated in our new digital existence.
Time moved slower and things had time to breathe and grow. The art for Gish was
mesmerizingly simple yet oozed creativity and swagger. Its playful homage to
the Jimi Hendrix Experience album art, the unique way the band was posed and
dressed, and even the hand-written titles and text convinced me that the album
came from a place of love from a group of people eager to prove themselves to
the world.

A few years later I stumbled upon a huge subway sized poster of the
album cover at a local record shop in Des Moines. I knew that I had to have it.
For many years it graced the wall behind my bed almost taking up the entirety of
the wall. At the time I had a cheap faux-wood mirror that was hung on the opposite
wall of the Gish poster. The mirror was hung at this perfect eye-level where
the fisheye shot of the band would take up the entirety of the oval mirror when
passing by it at a certain angle. Almost like it was meant to fit that way. Each
time I would come and go from my bedroom I would catch a glimpse of the reflected
image in that mirror. The band staring back at me like a group of misfit astronauts
from another astral plan ready to take on the world and beckoning me to join
them for the ride.

Unfortunately, the poster suffered some major damage during a recent
move and I no longer have it. Luckily, I was able to pull up some old photos of
it to help me reminisce about this period and celebrate Gish’s 30th Anniversary.
Congratulations to the band on reaching this milestone and still creating new
music for generations to come! 

My favourite Gish song

Margo -, PL

My favourites are the first three songs,especially Rhinoceros , it has that DREAMY Pumpkins magic, both in the music and lyrics♥️And even though I didn’t get into the band until SD and MCIS, this song remains one of my overall SP favourite tracks♥️


Matthew Pashalian Boynton Beach, FL, US

I was maybe 9/10 years old. I woke up to go to the bathroom and heard “Rhinoceros” on the tv in the living room where my brother was watching 120 Minutes on MTV. I quietly ducked down and sat next to the sofa, watched/listened, completely hypnotized. Unbeknownst to me at the time just how important and life changing this bands music would be for me.


Max Milwaukee, WI, US

Being a newer SP fan (MCIS is barely younger than I), I officially fell in love with the band thanks in large part to a killer October 2011 show (“Siva”, “Window Paine”, “I Am One” were all played) and to the Gish reissue that dropped that year.

My love for the band was cemented with Oceania, but I had such admiration for the confidence the band had in its new and old material alike.  I loved the deep cuts so much, and something about the beautiful simplicity of “Crush” in particular always enthralled me.

I felt that the song was long forgotten, but I lucked out when my wife and I stopped at the original Madame Zuzu’s on our way to Chicago and we saw WPC himself playing acoustic songs for a live stream.  Taking requests, I almost couldn’t believe it when he responded to my request that “Crush” would be “a good one to do”.

To my great surprise he played it like he wrote it yesterday.  It still feels surreal to have seen that in person!! Long live Gish!!

Guitar Teacher

Chris Pickey Memphis, TN, US

When Gish came out, I really wanted to learn how to play guitar and ultimately be in a band. All I had was a crappy $100 acoustic, a poster to teach me guitar chords and Gish. I loved that album so much, I committed myself to learn the entire album on guitar. That album helped me learn guitar and the timing it takes to be in a band. Thanks SP. I still love that album.

School of RAWK!

Bret Figura new lenox, US

I always listened to the radio while going to sleep. 93XRT … the last bit of a tune I caught grabbed my ear and wouldn’t let go. I was a budding drummer, freshman in high school at the time. The announcer said something about ‘smashing pumpkins’ and ‘local’. What was this ‘smashing pumpkins’ – was this a band?
I ran with a few kids who were up on music and my friend Gina’s dad had a great record collection. So I asked her about them … she was hip – she said she thought her dad had that record. Soon I found myself with a duped tape of Gish.
As a young drummer, having just joined the high school drum line, what was happening on this record was so arresting and fresh yet slightly familiar compared to the musical landscape we were leaving behind. Goodbye hair bands … hello new, artful, musical 90s rock! I became enamored and obsessed with Gish and the Smashing Pumpkins. Gish’s dreamy, yet aggressive nature – portions unapologetically rock while others tastefully quiet – the guitars and drums seemed to marry in a way unlike other bands I’d heard at the time. I wanted to learn to play the entire record, top to bottom. The drumming had wonderful references I felt akin to: Mitch Mitchell meets drum corps chops … a loose yet disciplined tight style that suited the songs in a way I’ve never heard before and I wanted to dissect and learn all I could. So, that’s what I did.
I spent hours in my bedroom rewinding tape and woodshedding. The Pumpkins were my teacher in a formative moment where I was taking my hair metal chops to a new musical space along with my school band education.
After I got a good handle on Gish, I waited with bated breath for the next release. Every time I went to Red Tower Records by Orland Mall, I would bother my older brother’s friends Tony or Bob at the counter, “You know when a new Smashing Pumpkins record is coming?” Over, and over, and over again … they must have gotten tired of me asking.
I had to have more of this music. No internet, no inside news, too young for the city … it was a vacuum of information. So I kept honing my Gish skills behind the kit. Then, finally – an EP! Tony or Bob pointed out LULL!
Back at the kit – learn this top to bottom!
Wait some more … I waited in agony for what would become Siamese.
In the meantime, by senior year, my Pumpkins study and admiration had become widely known and my drum line nickname became Jimmy C.
That was praise enough for me.
Smashing Pumpkins was more than just music I loved. It was a new grade level of my own, personal ‘school of rock.’ A study of drumming, a study in arrangement and performance. Gish and that little radio clip (likely from Richard Milne) I heard started me on a new track as a musician and music fan.
Thanks SP!