From fire to child

Jj crain Jonesboro Arkansas , US

Memphis show was my first. ( with garbage ). As a teenager I remember a very dark moment in my room… “ to forgive “ came on and dropped what I was sadly about to do at 15 years old… I cried hard, heavy and everything just released.. fast forward to august 18th 2017 when we gave birth to my life saver ENOX CORGAN CRAIN. Thank you. One moment saved a life and helped to create another. 

freedom of new life

Scott Herndon, VA, US

Oct. 25, 1995 My senior year in high school.  I gave my friend a $20 and wasn’t sure if I’d see it again in hopes he’d go to Waxie Maxies and pick up a copy.  It turns out he did, it was life changing, and continued to live in my 12 disc changer forever.  This record was simply life changing and continues to be a soundtrack of life.  It is symbolic of many things, but to me, a new beginning to then unknown chapters of life, that continues to live on as we go on.

Méliès to Mellon Collie

Jacob Seattle, US

In ‘86, ‘87 my Dad brought home the George Méliès: Cinema Magician documentary VHS. I loved it instantly. 

I didn’t grow up with rock music. My Dad mostly had film soundtracks, showtunes, classical, and singer/songwriters.

I got interested in music for myself around ‘93, ‘94 when I was in 4th grade. I bought Danny Elfman cassette soundtracks to Tim Burton films.

A grade school friend’s Dad listened to lots of loud rock like Metallica, AC/DC, and our own little hometown’s Nirvana. 

As I got interested in rock I found my Dad had the 2CD The Best Of The Doors.  

A friend and I had jammed a wire hanger into an antenna-less boombox to hear Seattle radio station The End come through to us in Aberdeen. Our families were both too poor for cable that included MTV so maybe I first heard the Pumpkins this way? 

In 1997 my Mom was abruptly diagnosed with cancer. My Mom was on a medical bed for IV Chemo across from the TV in our living room. Our cable package just started carrying MTV. My sisters and I wanted to see MTV. The Tonight, Tonight music video came on. A Méliès homage! I loved the orchestration. It fit my love of soundtracks and interest in rock music. 

Some time after my Mom died a small record  store opened in town. I wanted a Pumpkins CD. There was Mellon Collie. I thought it was a “Best Of” like the 2CD Best Of The Doors. I was surprised to realize that it was a double-album. Amazing! As each track unfolded I loved them all. They were all different, it was like a soundtrack, and became my soundtrack.

I listened to the album all through high school along with the Aeroplane box, Pisces, Siamese, and the newly released Machina + Machina II. 

Listening to these albums influenced and inspired the art I made in High School. These albums made me eclectic and ambitious. Mellon Collie was and still is mind expanding.

Little Rocker

Bri Ponca City, OK, US

I was around 3 years old when this album came out. My sister was in high school and any time she would watch me she would introduce me to her music. I remember head banging to “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” in the middle of the living room with all the high schoolers when my mom came in and made them shut it off. I was so mad I threw a full blown toddler tantrum. As I got older, my sister and I frequently rolled around town singing 1979 at the top of our lungs. Still one of my top albums to listen to. Definitely, brings back a lot of great memories!

Hello kitty kat

Brian Anthony Fort mill sc, US

I heard the pumpkins after the initial 90s wave. I was a child/infant during most of the pumpkins explosion. as a 13 year old in the early 2000s this music changed my life. My next door neighbor Ryan started playing guitar and would scream bullet with butterfly wings at the top of his lungs. I first heard this intensity from my friend secondhand of bullet with butterfly wings as I kicked a soccer ball in the backyard. echoing out of the upstairs nextdoor suburban boxcar window was a lifeline and would lead to an ever evolving growing respect for billy and the pumpkins body of work. Till this day each time I hear the album I can find a new layer of paint. Simple yet elegant and so full of passion. Can someone explain why if you search billy corgan on YouTube instead of the epic Ogilala or cotillions albums released in the past few years what shows up are two search lines containing the Rollercoaster meme? Its pathetic censorship. i can only pray that more true artists like billy battle the norm and remain true to themselves despite changing times, Feelings,opinions, and moods. the pumpkins have always been a mystical mysterious part of my life. I truly respect Billy’s artistry,lyric craft, and intelligence. Its shakespearan, the level of thought and awareness that is in his craft. I remember the first time I got caught drinking I was upstairs with my Mexican early 20th century gun metal blue strat playing along to Mellon collie on cd

I remember the thought regarding the Beaupre heart supposed ‘souvenir’

cj vc, US

One whose heart and therefore very henceforth motivation entails a reference to same: whether Nevermind, or inquiry asserting never needed anyone (amidst Metropolis-like warnings of what that rat in a cage sees when grabbed up, yet ring unsure of Anno Satana), “why an arty track to set up a single”, and so questioning the Siamese to the Gish.  Oceania’s Utopia, elegies and plainsong reaches out to Life who’s colors are difficult to take.

The ascension of the ashes are more of take of needing any ONE. And your beginning before the Heart (regardless of countless business arrangements, even Constantinople, and happily the loyalty of Sky/Saxon), repeat at end its merciful invitation. 

My own Infinite Sadness

Bernard Bardstown, ky, US

I first started looking into the album in late 2015 or early 2016. I bought the album on iTunes, and it has become my favorite Smashing Pumpkins album. Before this point, the only song from it i really knew was “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” as the radio played it constantly. Next thing i knew, i was inspired! I wrote a stargazing themed album, and started writing a book (didn’t get too far into it, unfortunately). I even sang a few songs via karaoke and learned some on guitar. I even tried to get a further understanding of the album, theorizing it as “rock opera”, only to recently find i was kinda right! All in all, I praise this amazing album. Here’s to another 25 years!

I felt this song so deeply. It came on EXACTLY when I needed it!

Chris B Yorkville, Il, US

I know this is a downer.  This album meant so much to me AND it was there EXACTLY when I needed it!

A listen to MCIS can sweep me thru time to people, places & events. The songs vary in style/structure so completely you can’t force SP into a single category.

IN ‘95 My GF ended things, resulting in a lonely 90min trek home from NIU.  In DeKalb, a train halted my progress just as snow flurries began. If I hadn’t been dumped, it would’ve been beautiful.       “In the Arms of Sleep” started to play & I suddenly lost it. I repeated the song ALL the way home. I just felt it deeply! It was mainly the “mood” created by the song & partially the lyrics.  Now, 25yrs on, it still carries me to that snowy night. With age I see it differently.  I believe the song played EXACTLY when I needed it.  It made me feel I wasn’t alone & was probably the beginning of healing!

thanks for writing it!  I needed it!


Michael C. Hall Perth, AU

I was lucky enough to see their set in Fremantle at the Big Day Out in 1994, which was a great experience and a treat given i didn’t own an album of theirs. Then came the tour for MCIS where they came on stage to the awsome car chase scene from the Steve McQueen film “Bullitt”… That night they were mind blowing and as tight as any band i’ve seen since… Sometimes you’re just lucky enough to be into those things at the right time, and my general curiosity and interest in music of all kinds took me there in the 90s (amongst other places), to wit i’m eternally grateful for sharing the space at that time… Thank you – sincerely, Michael…

Tribute Song

PaKo Villalobos Aguascalientes, MX

MCIS is the album that instantly remind me a lot of good times in high school a very good friends and of course awesome partys!

25 years later me and my friends were looking for a song to make a cover and we were having trouble to choose a song that all of us like then I suggested Zero and 2 seconds after, everybody say “yeaaah that song it´s awesome” so we did the cover song in our style (Metal) , recorded and make a visualizer, we hope you like it!

Mixed Tape

Grumpy Gorman Ottawa, CA

I was in HS when Mellon Collie came and had a huge crush on a girl named Maggie Mae. Knowing she had been a huge fan of Siamese Dream, as soon as I bought my copy (of MC), I made a mixed tape of my favourite tracks from the album for her. It contained more of the dreamier cuts than the heavier layered guitar tracks, which seems fitting considered I was all goofy and cloudy headed.  Maggie Mae never shared my romantic leanings, but it never diminished the wide-eyed magic of the moment. though the album stands strong as its own entity, it was always be entwined with this particular memory.  Thanks for your part in it!


Helene Paris, FR

This album made me the woman I am today. 

My life with the pumpkins

Sonja Mississauga, CA

My introduction to the pumpkins began in 91 . I was and still am the type of person to walk into a record shop and just grab whatever catches my eye . I seen the gish album and on impulse bought it got home listened and fell in love . Siamese came out had to have and my love for the band just grew . What beautifull lyrics and music . Billy’s beautiful words inspired my art and poetry ..and to this day still does. not a day goes by that this band doesn’t inspire me in someway…along came meloncholy and what can I say .. brilliant. Such a beautiful record from start to finish . Thirty three probably the most beautiful video I have ever seen ..still is . Bodies is my absolute favorite song on the album such a raw, gut wrenching song . Billy inspires me every day..such a beautiful soul . Wow it’s been a long time since meloncholy was released and it’s still a timeless record .

The smashing pumpkins were always there somehow in my life through happiness.tears .anger but all was worth it .

Pumpkins will forever be my band 

And our lives are forever changed

Eduardo Freitas Porto Alegre, BR

Eu tinha apenas 17 anos quando o álbum foi lançado. Corri até uma loja em outra cidade que importava CDs. Encomendei o meu e aguardei ansiosamente a sua chegada. Quando por fim chegou eu fiquei tão impactado com a qualidade gráfica do encarte, aquelas ilustrações, o livreto com as letras, a cor rosa do primeiro disco, o azul do segundo, as letras e, é claro, a intensidade do som! Músicas que nos conduzem por todos os espectros da emoção. Da melancolia à fúria; da tristeza, ao amor e à alegria. Eu o ouvi tanto, mas tanto! Eu fiquei maravilhado com a profundidade e a beleza das letras. Muzzle e Here is No Why, em especial, são duas canções que amo demais. Elas me falam direto ao coração. Outra coisa que amo demais em MCIS é a sequência das cinco músicas finais do disco dois. Para essa sequência, para essas músicas, só existe uma definição: perfeição.  É um dos álbuns da minha vida, que continuarei a ouvir eternamente. Já o ouço há 25 anos. Espero continuar ouvindo-o por mais 25 e mais 25. Só tenho a agradecer por essa obra-prima que é indissociável da minha visa. Peço desculpas por não escrever essas lembranças em inglês. Compreendo bem o idioma, mas não me arrisco a escrever. Aliás, aprendi muito da língua inglesa ouvindo o disco e lendo as letras geniais, inspiradas e belas de Billy Corgan. Amo todos vocês, Billy, James, D’arcy e Jimmy. Obrigado mais uma vez. Vocês foram a trilha sonora de indescribable moments of my life. 


Brandi Buffalo,NY, US

I met my twin flame 🔥 at a cover band show on the way to the bathroom just as “Tonight, Tonight” started to play. We completely crossed paths and I said to a friend, I love this song! He heard and me stopped me, telling me that he loved it too. The words to the song to me described that night. Our lives forever changed, we will never be the same. Indescribable moments of your life tonight, the impossible is possible tonight. It’s crazy, because we both felt this feeling, vibe physically from each other, nothing from this Earth and that’s how I figured out it was something called a twin flame. I have never been the same since that night, and everything I’ve ever known about life, energy, love and people has changed. If it weren’t for that album I wouldn’t have had that life altering moment and I never would have had the experiences I’ve had with that person or myself. 

On a live wire right up off the street

ES Chicago, US

I remember seeing my high school sweetheart for the first time at a jr. high mixer dance. She was wearing a Smashing Pumpkins shirt and I requested ‘1979’ to impress her. That’s when we started talking. 


M'Shon Garress READING, US

When I was a little girl, My Dad and I used to drive upstate to our cabin in Tioga County PA every other weekend. It was my absolute favorite place to be growing up. On the way we were always jamming out to everything playing on the radio. We would be head banging, playing air guitar, and drums. Sitting in traffic jams with the windows down singing as loud as possible. Bullet with Butterfly Wings was our favorite song, and dubbed it our song. My Dad pass on Halloween in 2011 and that following Valentines day I got that tattoo drawn by my sister to represent all of our road trips and our father daughter bond. Always walking with me. Thank you so much for this music, for the memories! Xoxo


Rayven Sulphur Louisiana, US

I first heard The Smashing Pumpkins back when I was 8 and my mom would watch the show Whale award. The song that plays on the intro was Bullet with the Butterfly Wings. Ever since I first heard it I fell in love and it easily became my favorite song. Other the years I’ve discovered more of their songs and now they are one of my favorite bands ever. Watching Whale Wars with my mom is one of the few good childhood memories I have and we bonded over the mutual like for the band. 

Mellon Collie Sentiments

Noah Engle Leesburg, VA, US

As a child, I lived in a very sheltered rich white suburb with not much to do. The people were bland, all the same. Having grown up in the 2000s once I discovered my passion for music it was hard to find good influences. Everyone around me listened to garbage rap. I found a friend who helped me thrive in finding music, still my very best friend to this day. During that period, he showed me the song 1979 which was what first lead me to the pumpkins. That song always reminds me of that year with him, not just because of the nostalgia, but the song really related to us. Anyway, after hearing that I ended up listening to Siamese Dream, which I fell in love with. Not the first grunge album I listened to but it made me realize my taste in music. Once I finally listened to MCIS tho… oh my god it changed my life. I had never felt like I had connected with someone on such an emotional level through their art. Through his lyrics, beautiful guitar and piano melodies, I could feel Billy Corgan’s emotions. I was going through a really hard time dealing with my perception of the world, as we all at some point reach. A “spiritual awakening” of sorts. Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness made me feel less alone during the worst part of my life, and for that I want to thank Billy Corgan, as well as D’arcy, jimmy and James. 

Lil’ Rebel

June Toronto, ON, CA

By the time this photo was taken, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness had been out for about five years, but the landscape of popular music was changing. It was the beginning of the pop era, when boy and girl bands ruled the radio. I remember living in a state of perpetual ‘mellon collie’ that such dark, lush, and brilliant music like that of The Smashing Pumpkins had been displaced by the facile, pastel hues of “teen pop.” I wore this shirt for school picture day in grade ten because I wanted to express my dissent against the new tide. I’ve come to realize now that to everything there is a season, if you will, but no matter what is currently popular on the radio, Mellon Collie will remain timeless!

All my youth

Giorgos Farmakis Athens, GR

All my youth was full of this great album music. Been a fan since then and i can recall not one memorie but many time when a song from this album was the soundtrack of my life. In sorrow or happiness, sadness or joy a song from the pumpkins was there. 

1979 single and b side


I’ll never forget the moment I bought this album and heard Cupid De Locke. I was 16 years old and was immediately transported to another realm. MCIS is the album that gave any teenage musician/music lover the dream and hope to create their own escape or simply fall into whenever this album played. This will truly hold a place in my heart in time and space for eternity. ….and Let’s not forget the cassette B-side to 1979 “Believe” 

The World Is A Vampire

Kate Sydney, AU

I have the fondest memories discovering this album and MCIS was something i discovered on my own. I still connect with the all the songs and as i am older i can understand the words even more now. I walked down the aisle to Starla – it’s not a MCIS but still just as important to me. Thank you SP! 

A Hidden Universe Under my Bed: or, Kids these days will never understand the struggle

brandon jay Lakewood Ohio, US

13 when MC came out.I had a strict mother and had to keep my SD cassette hidden only able to listen when I would load up my walkman and ride my BMX around. My first copy of MC came to me when my 15 year old  brother and I had the genius idea to send away an order through the mail to one of those Columbia house music programs, and we were able to keep the order hidden until the bill showed up an we got into a lot of trouble. MC is a masterpiece that will always make me feel like the 13 year old riding the sunsets away till it was time to head home, stash the forbidden universe under my bed, and dream about the next session.- “This Message is for anyone who dares to hear a fool.”


A. Manhattan KS, US

Tried to pre-order
the vinyl, but it never arrived. That, or someone at the record store
kept it for themselves, which, I forgive them. My friends and I still listened to
that album all the way through as soon as we had it out of the clumsy
double CD case.

What a time in life. Fond memories. A time of great change for everyone.

Even back then, we knew this was
something truly special. Some of the most genuine music. It is appreciated.

A thank you from my late daughter

Wendy Tottenham, CA

This is just a thank you to Billy and the group. My daughter Jen took her life two years ago, but I remember when she was obsessed with the pumpkins, and I just needed to say Thank you for the joy you gave my daughter with your music,  she had years of depression and mental health issues but your music brought her happiness so thank you.