A band that started a friendship.

Erik Lyday Chicago, US

I found my introduction with Smashing Pumpkins through their first release Gish. I really digged it. Then Siamese Dream came a couple years after. I absolutely love every song on that album. It helped me through a lot of difficult times. I often wondered what their next release would be like. I really was not prepared for what was going to happen. A double disc! The songwriting, the arrangements, the over all feel of this one was totally different! This album really does take you on a journey. They will forever be my favorite band. Quick side note. I remember getting ready to play a show at a local coffee shop when I was like a sophomore in high school. This guy my age came up to me and was like “nice shirt.” I was wearing the “just say maybe” shirt. We got to talking about The Pumpkins and ended up becoming very good friends. Even as an adult in my early 40’s, I still get excited when I hear their music. 

Sympathies Ready to Return

Caleb partida mercedes tx, US

What can I say about this album. I remember 95-96 pretty well it’s burnt in my memory waking up to go to school getting dressed and just cranking the morning MTV vids. every month was a new video from this and I loved it. It was in my birthday I bought this with a Gameboy pocket I skipped all the hit tracks and just was touched and amazed with the art and poetry, loud guitars, soft drums, and the strings! It was My Pink Floyd’s wall and I’m thankful Billy, James, jimmy and D’arcy where there when I needed them in my CD player on those lonely school nights! Thank you guys and keep moving forward I’m still jamming! 


Alex González CIUDAD DE MÉXICO 🇲🇽, MX

I married  november 2008

And we danced TONIGHT,TONIGHT 

The wedding guests holding sparklers during the song!!!

Magic moment!!!!

Memories of my teenage years

Djulzz Le muy, FR

I was searching in all disc sellers the bootlegs. In the mid 90’s…echo of my scratched heart …burn life

Here is my collection.

I saw them in lyon at the halle t’ont Garnier in 2000. Hudge gig

My Only Friend in Rough Times

Nina Johnson Kelowna, British Columbia, CA

SP has always been my favourite band and I adored them before MCIS but this album blew my 16 yr old mind. It was power and poetry, soft piano and crunchy guitar….beautiful. I was so depressed and alone at the time and the only solace I found was in those songs; I cried to them, rocked out to them, found inspiration through them. It got me through. It even inspired me to spend the summer of ‘96 painting the album cover on my bedroom wall and I’d never painted before in my life. It awakened my creativity. My senior high school years are indelibly inked with the notes of MCIS and for that I thank you SP.

The day I became a fan

Karina Padula Parra São Paulo SP, BR

I was listening to the radio in 2001 and I thought, oh, I love this song! The radio didn’t say the name of the song, but the melody was in my mind and I knew it was the Smashing Pumpkins. A few days later I was at a store and I found one SP album  there. I read the songs titles trying to identify the song I heard, and I bought it anyway. I went home and on the bus I opened the CD and loved all the arts and drawings, I read the lyrics and fell in love with it before even listening to the album. When I got home and finally listened to the CD, I found out the song was not in it, but I fell in love with the band. The song I was looking for was Tonight Tonight, and I bought Machina 😂. Later I looked for MCIS and it was the second album I bought, and from that time my love for the band grows everyday. ❤️

25 Years Looking Back

Jon CA

Twenty-five freakin’ years? Has it really been that long?

So, its the 25th anniversary of the Smashing Pumpkins ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’, the first album I ever owned. There are many stories I have with this album, it was the album that opened my mind up to so many variety of music and art, this album will forever mean a great deal to me.

This album has stood the test of time. Throughout the years this album has been a constant in my life, a soundtrack to many highs and lows and everything in between, I have moved around a lot in my life, and have gained and lost many friends throughout the years, been through hell and back many many countless times, much like the themes of this album which are cycles of day and night, its not all bad, there have been many great memories I’ve shared with these songs too, I have made life long friendships within the SP community, and some enemies too, haha, online drama never really ends does it? Especially when you are an outsider observing the never ending war between over zealous self flagellating Sad Machines and group therapy Netphoria. Its interesting to see the vast dynamics of opinions that range in the SP community, having used to dive heavily into the online battles myself once upon a time.

Its been a few years since I’ve really partaken in any online community, but I’ve remained close to many friends who still do and its cool to see the online community still thriving even though I’ve since distanced myself, mainly just for mental health reasons, just can’t see myself getting caught up in the arguments and debates anymore, it gets exhausting (and I was once an admin on the largest Facebook group, and lemme tell you- you get caught up in a lot of needless drama between casual and over zealous fans, and it just gets in the way of the music). But in the end that’s all find and dandy I guess, the music is what I came here for. And looking back it just doesn’t feel like its been 25 years since this album was released. It was the very first album I ever owned, I got it as a belated birthday present as my 11th b-day just went by a few weeks earlier. I still remember the feeling I got when I put on this album for the first time, putting my headphones on and listening tot his album on my Walkman back in the day, I still get the same feeling now as I did when I was a kid when I listen to these songs. This album opened my mind to a lot of different things, different music genres and different styles of art in general, it was an eye opener for sure. I can go on about this album and what its meant to me throughout the years but I guess I’ll leave this at that.

I will talk about one more thing, a rather personal thing, as what I’ve said earlier about forming life long friendships, one thing this album reminds me heavily of is of my two friends Dean and Chad, both whom I met through the SP community back in 2006 & 2007, they both passed away in September & November 2018, this album reminds me so much of both them. Upon hearing it was the 25th anniversary the other day I put the album on and listened to it on repeat for awhile thinking about both of my brothers who are no longer here, Thirty-Three & 1979 are their songs. And I will always play them loud for them, for their memory. These aren’t just songs for some of us, for some of us these are beacons of light who help us out of our own personal hells, sometimes all we have is our music. And looking at the other memories that are shared on here there are many, many stories to tell, there is always a story to tell.

Thank you, WPC, James, D’arcy & Jimmy for Mellon Collie. Some of us wouldn’t be here without the music.

Thanks again.

– Dandy Jon

MCIS ‘96 Tour Memorabilia

Robert Philadelphia, PA, US

Of all the music I own, MCIS will always be the most personal to me. Spring of 1996 I was going through a rough patch. I was a sophomore in high school and experimenting with lots of substances. My girlfriend at the time introduced me to MCIS and the album became the soundtrack to our relationship. Long story short, a few weeks later my mother discovered my drug use and sent me to live in Texas with my father. I was basically uprooted and separated from my first love and my friends and family. This was very traumatic for me and I cried just about every day for the first few months. MCIS was heartbreaking to listen to at times, but it ultimately helped me get through a very rough period in my life. Not sure where I would be without the album. MCIS means so much to me still to this day. Just wanted to say thanks to William and the rest of the band for blessing us with this landmark album. I love you all SO much. 

One word memory.

Theodore Orlando, US


Zero Girl

Carly Brisbane, Queensland, AU

I was a moody teenager who wore my Zero shirt everywhere. MCIS defined my teenage years and I loved having so many songs to fall in love with. I really miss those days!


K Austin, TX, US

I am super-excited to see this tour once again! Some of the last good music produced…to see it live again will be amazing. Also, please. let us not forget my cousin Jonathan on this tour please. ♥️

Out of order Walkman

Andres ignacio Santiago , CL

I was in the school and my Walkman didint work with radio. But a didnt have cassettes and a Girl classmate Has this pirate cassette she borrow to me. No names, no band, nothing. And I usually Listens to all in my way Walking home all Days.

months before a discover the name of the band and I already know all the lyrics

❤️thank you For that Ale, cause you show me an amazing ost in my life

Mellon Collie Envy

Cristina California , US

It was 1997, and I desperately wanted the Mellon Collie album. My dad’s friend and his girlfriend had been moving into the house behind ours at the time, and had been moving all of their things. The girlfriend let me borrow Mellon Collie, and I was so excited. I couldn’t afford to buy my own. I played it over and over. When they moved out I never gave it back. No regrets. 

Wedding Day

Shannon Calgary, Alberta, CA

I walked down the aisle to “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” piano piece (track 1) on June 5, 2006. Still married to my best friend to this day. Than you being a part of our special day! 


Daniel Melli Sayville, US

this album came into my life at a time I feel that it was meant to. I’d just moved with my family from my childhood home to an apartment, and it was an incredibly tense time. Not just the move, but there was tension so great between my parents that it was affecting me in darker ways that I knew. It was like a heavy, toxic black cloud of confusion and stress. So I had no one I felt I could talk to, but I had music. And at the time I was just discovering the Smashing Pumpkins. Didn’t take me long to get heavily into the amazing music of this band. I ordered a copy of MCIS and when I tell you I locked myself in my room and listened to this album for hours every day, repeatedly, I mean it. I to this day have never heard anything like it. The music and lyrics across the landscape of MCIS hit the mark of every new, strange, scary, fucked up emotion that was flowing through me. I’d close my eyes, and listen, and cry. And scream. And sing. And as I found out more about what was going on with my parents, as frightening as that situation was, I had this album to cover me up like a blanket of security. It made me stronger. Because I have found solace through my grief, and even compassion for my parents and what they were going through. This album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, is all of those things — love, anxiety, loneliness, hate, guilt, regret, grief, bliss, joy — and really it’s about transformation. I know I went through a transformation and still am. I would not have done it as well, at that particular time in my life, if I didn’t have this album to help guide me. It gave me a release that the band who created it may never know, but I will always, always be grateful for it all my life. Thank you The Smashing Pumpkins and Happy Anniversary to this profoundly moving masterpiece ✨

I was introduced to MCIS on my “Sr. Class Trip from HELL”

Joanne Hutton Mooresville, NC, US

In March 1996, I was introduced to MCIS (and the Smashing Pumpkins) by a classmate of mine on a trip to Disney World. Our flight was delayed by 12 hours, because there were problems @ customs, crew issues, malfunctions on the plane, etc. and I was scared out of my mind, as this was my first ever time on a plane!  The guy gave me his CD player as we were about to take off and told me to just listen and relax, starting with track 1, as I was sobbing uncontrollably in fear. When I got back home, I immediately went to the store and bought every SP thing I could get…I was hooked! I’ve seen them 15 times live since and have an extensive collection of SP memorabilia and albums. 

Thanks for being there

William Roberts Brooklyn, US

I remember high school was often awful, as high school is, but it felt espeacially excruciating in 2013, when I really started to make steps into caring for my mental health. When I struggled to find a safespace in real life, MCIS gave me a sonic safespace. Many albums are satisfied in acknowleging the burdens of life, but MCIS acknowledges the burdens,  joys, and everywhere-in-betweens that life has to offer as well. This album not only helped me come to terms with who I am, it helped me become better than who I was too.

Thank you guys. 

From BSC to MCIS

Abi Montreal, Quebec, CA

Never dared tell anyone this… Here goes nothing! When I was 11 years old I was obsessed with the Baby-Sitters Club novels so when the movie came out I obviously went to see it. How did this make me discover Mellon Collie exactly? Bear with me. So there’s this scene in the movie where a character tries to seduce someone else’s boyfriend by inviting him to a Smashing Pumpkins concert. I was intrigued. After the movie, I asked my mom to take me to the record store and we inquired about their music. The salesclerk recommended we get their new release. When I got home that night, I listened to the whole thing on my walkman and my mind was blown even if I didn’t yet have the necessary life experience to fully understand it at that point. But it has been the most important album in my life since and has accompanied me throughout the years, through my first love and heartbreak, through caffeinated all-nighters in college, through deceptions and confusion, through adventures and love, through my pregnancy… I love that album so much and I thank the Smashing Pumpkins for continuing to push boundaries and taking us on this great musical journey. SP forever. 🖤🖤🖤

5th grade and amazed

Jessica Fayetteville, AR, US

I was 10 years old and had saved up all my money to buy this album on CD. I walked over to Borders all proud of myself. I was not only in love with the music (never really had heard anything quite like SP) but the artwork, too. I still remember seeing the CD on the shelf…. It still to this day is my favorite album cover of all time. MCIS brings me right back to being in my room listening to this on repeat….thinking about all the complexities of a 10 year old’s world. 

i feel the same.

Dan US

i was 16 when this record came out. i remember speeding around my small town in the dead of night in the car of my first friend who could drive. full of rage and frustration and love and nostalgia. feeling simultaneously like the center of the universe and less than nothing. about a decade later i remember walking around my college town listening to the entire record on headphones, feeling those same things. last month, at 41, i did the same thing. I FEEL THE SAME. when this album came out, my hyper-inflated sense of self-awareness told me i loved it because i was sixteen. now i know better. it wasn’t because i was sixteen.

My SP Journey Continues

Clay Tuckett Lindon, Utah, US

October 24, 1995 – 13 year old me sat in a Junior High school class eagerly anticipating school being over, so I could meet up with my 3 best friends, to go buy and listen to the new Smashing Pumpkins album, Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. Prior to this moment, I had slowly been getting into the popular alternative music at the time, and had purchased a few albums of my own. However nothing could prepare me for the rollercoaster ride of emotion, excitement and sheer enjoyment, that would accompany the first time I sat down alone, and listened to this album from beginning to end. I had already heard some Smashing Pumpkins music prior to this experience, and I credit the song “Rhinoceros” from the EP Lull, as the moment this incredible musical journey began…I snuck into my older brothers rooms, and listened to all their CD’s, but Lull was the one that truly grabbed my attention. Despite having heard the album Siamese Dream between finding Lull, and when I first listened to Mellon Collie, it just didn’t have the same effect on me at the time, that Mellon Collie did. Every last second of the 28 track, 120+ minute experience of Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, opened up places inside my heart and mind that I never knew existed, and began healing my aching heart, mind and soul. It may all sound silly, or crazy, but this album absolutely saved my life, and kept me afloat in the darkest most depressing times of my teenage years. But it hasn’t stopped there. For 25 years, this album, and the band behind it, have been a beacon of joy, light, and love for me and many others, some of which I’ve been privileged to get to know. Now, on October 24th, 2020, as a 38 year old (wondering where all the time has gone), and in the midst of many unexpected struggles and challenges that pull at me daily. I not only have the music of the past to inspire and uplift me, but also new music coming soon, and there are many things planned for the future…on Thursday, it was announced that the Smashing Pumpkins are currently working on a 33 track sequel to both the album Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, as well as a follow up album, called Machina. In addition, there’s a new 20 track album being released on November 27th, titled CYR. As well as multiple other massive projects, including huge plans for arena style touring as soon as possible, and plans to release an endless collection of tracks from their huge archive of unreleased music. It’s all almost too good to be true, but it is true, and this has been the story of my SP journey from the beginning. It’s changed my life, altered the path I was on more than a couple times, and completely saved me from the frustrations and unhappiness, that have plagued me throughout my life. So today, on the 25th anniversary of such an iconic album, I am not only happy to have survived this journey, but to have reaped so much from something that is seemingly insignificant to others. This music has always been my guide, and all the good that’s happened to me because of it, is all thanks to God, who clearly works in mysterious ways. I don’t know the full story now, and I don’t need to, but what I do know is that the Smashing Pumpkins and their music, have been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Without them, and what they’ve done, I wouldn’t have made it through my teenage years, I wouldn’t be happily married today, and I wouldn’t have the strength to get through the moments where everything seems to be caving in. As I listen to these 28 tracks again, I can’t help but feel a sense of appreciation and pure joy, in knowing that the story continues, and even if it were to end today, it has been an absolutely incredible journey that I will never forget. 

Your innocence is treasure; your innocence is death.


The album had been out for almost a year. I walked over to Tower Records on my 18th birthday and bought the record with my birthday money. When I listened to it, I realized that everything I had felt for all of high school was on this album. Happy, sad, angry, hopeful, despairing, romantic. Anxiety over my friend’s suicidal depression (she’s still alive). Anxiety over my parents’ impeding divorce (they’re still together). My own fears about what to do with my life. It was all in the album, and I didn’t feel as alone anymore. I still don’t b/c of MCIS

The Wedding

Jill and Wayne South Carolina, US

We were married in 1999. We are both very connected to this life by lyrics and music and we found that “Tonight, Tonight” was just perfect for us. Even the video spoke to our story. So, we played it through a small stereo at our ceremony.

”Believe in me, like I believe in you.”

We’ve played it every year on our anniversary for the last 21 years. 

Side note:The year after we married, what we consider the companion track to our life in love soundtrack – “Stand Inside Your Love” was released. Where “Tonight..” lifted us up, “Stand..” solidified our deep love and passion. Billy may have had his reasons and his own stories to shape these songs. The greatness of it all is that his emotion and willingness to expose feeling, lyrically and musically, is adaptable by anyone who hears music with their whole heart like we do. For that we owe him a debt of gratitude. 

Thank you, from our hearts.

My trip to the moon with Meilies and the Pumpkins

Anita Utica,NY, US

I was 20 and in my second year of college studying art and film. Smashing Pumpkins had become my touchstone of music. So when my film professor announced we would break down and study the homage video of Tonight,tonight it was the highlight of my semester! 

Turning point soundtrack

Juan Zaragoza, ES

I was living through a mild rough turning point in my standard life. I decided to go to Edinburgh, Scotland, for a few months and then to Glasgow for a year. I met a new friend who introduced me to MCIS and I loved it ever since. My all-time favourite album, a masterpiece which talked to me about happiness, pain, life and death. I changed, the music helped me feel while changing, and I became new and better. Thanks, Julie. 

Discovering MCIS vinyl

Dimitris Athens, GR

I randomly discovered this at a record store. Had to ask to save it for me for 1 day to gather the money! 7500 drachmas. a lot of money. big relief when i got it in my hands. a bit later i asked for this to be transferred to digital. done but with a small price that it fell down. Still no regrets.

Border Collie

Pablo Veríssimo Dávila Sanches Taquara, Rio Grande do Sul, BR

I remember I was 13 years old, it was 2011. My mother divorced and my abusive step dad finally disappeared. But then I had to leave and live with my dad and abusive step mom in Brasília. I didn’t knew anyone and my accent was too different, so music and playing strat were my only friends for a really long time. I downloaded Mellon Collie in a dinosaur website with few albums that this guy had and was sharing. I had no computer of my own so I always had to put them straight into those small MP3/Pen drive so when I realized it was a double LP Smashing Pumpkins album I was feeling like that was too much. But I loved every single song. Few years later my mom told me that she used to listened to this album back in the time I was inside her belly, when she was pregnant. Today I practice some of the songs, Ode to No One, Jelly belly, Tales of a Scorched Earth, Where Boys are Fear to Tread, Bodies… 

Midnight release

Adrian Albuquerque , US

The release night I was thinking. Okay, leave my place before midnight and pick up MCIS and some pizza provided from the local radio station at Best Buy and come back home. 

But my friend calls me up and says let’s go pick up the album together. I said okay. He swung on by and we grabbed each our copy. Then we left. We decided let’s drive to Santa Fe to listen to it. We did. The first disc played the way there. We got coffee at a gas station and played the 2nd disc on the was back to ABQ. 

Transformative Years

Spencer Folkerts Fort Wayne, IN, US

Your Senior year in high school is full of emotions and trying to figure out what’s next. My best friend Darren’s basement is where we listened to music and played CD roulette where we had to guess there artist, song title. I remember studying the MCIS booklet, reading the lyrics like poetry. The SP tour came to my city of Fort Wayne, IN. My friends from high school reunited from college for an epic show. I had to save my friend Heather from being pinned between several big guys and we sat on the edge taking in the rest of show. MCIS guided me through several relationships, being on my own in college. This was my look in college, SP shirts with flannel. The variety of music, each song playing like a movie, pure poetry and power is what keeps me listening to this album to this day.

Lost but not forgotten

Michael Bettegnies Indianapolis, IN, US

In high-school I got bullied so much I hurt myself i tried to die 4 times my mom who is 52 now showed me this album when I was 5 and going into high-school I started using your music to block out all the bad things you and the band and music saved me I wouldn’t be here without it. This album got me off heroin and let start a life with 2 beautiful daughters 

Tonight, Tonight

Becky Manahawkin, NJ, US

I saw the Tonight, Tonight video when I was in 6th grade (1996) and I immediately fell in love with Billy Corgan’s voice and the style of the video. I just had to hear more. My first real music purchase was MCIS. I spent hours printing out SP pictures that I hung up all over my room and listened to MCIS on loop in my CD player pretty much every day. I have never not loved SP and FINALLY got to see them in concert in 2018. 


Crystal Pittsburgh, PA, US

I remember watching MTV and that is when I first saw it. I was already at 10 years old a fan of the band from hearing them on the radio. At 12 years old, that is when I first saw the video for Bullet with Butterfly wings. I feel like that was when everything change. I understood music and the visual as a medium. Billy spinning around with Zero in silver with the silver pants. I felt like it molded my 12 year old brain. That Christmas with the money I got, I had my grandmother take me to buy Mellon Collie and the Infinite Saddness the next day. It was the first CD I bought for myself. Open it up and you had two full albums of the most beautiful art that you have ever seen or heard. I truly believe the album helped shaped and molded me into a person that seems multidimensional.


James Edinburgh, GB

My introduction to Smashing Pumpkins was Rotten Apples. I unknowingly bought the cd on the morning of the day that my dad died when I was 14. Strangely that night I put the cd on and managed to go straight to sleep listening to it and felt weirdly comfortable with the whole situation. Played it alot over following weeks and obviously led me into the albums, especially Melon Collie.

Last week my first child was born and 1979 came on the birthing playlist I had made for my partner just after the wee man busted out. It was on shuffle. I know this was just coincidence but it was a nice thing to happen.

Changing of the guard

Robert Pa, US

I beg my friend to go see the Smashing Pumpkins. As soon as the hit the stage I new there was something different!!! Coming from the 80s with all the hair band music there was something different. I was lucky enough to see Alice Chains open for Van Halen and people were Booing !!! They  new bands did not give a fuck!!! The rest is history!!! Hair bands dried up over night!! 

Greatest Album of All Time

jdodson Portland, US

MCIS is the greatest album of all time and is one of those things that you have a great relationship over the years.  Dawn to Dusk it’s a beautiful ride and one I’ll always be happy to be on from time to time.  My young son and I tried to draw it this morning and whereas it looks very embarrassing there is something quaint in trying to collaborate with a four year old as Muzzle is blazing in the background.

Broken leg, lots of MTV and finding the musical love of my life

Lucas Chicago, IL, US

The year was 1996, the month was February.  My buddy and I were were walking to high school (Sophomore year) and we were hit by a car.  I broke my leg, just above my knee, and ended up in a cast for 7 weeks.  I spent a lot of time on the couch watching MTV.  I was already pretty deep into music at the time, but hadn’t given the mighty SP much love to that point, then this video came on for a song called 1979 that turned my world upside down.  I taped it on VHS and watched it repeatedly.  I asked my dad to buy me the CD single, as he often did when I asked him to.  He worked as a security guard at the local shopping mall and was able to snag me a copy from Musicland.  I listened to that single non-stop for a week with Set the Ray to Jerry quickly becoming a favorite. I asked that my dad go out and buy MCIS the following week and he obliged. I listened to it constantly and was hooked from those opening piano notes on disc 1.  I went to my first SP show with my dad 10/25/96 and have seen them many many times since, but MCIS is what got me hooked. Fantastic album, fantastic band, fantastic memories. Thank you Smashing Pumpkins!

25 Years of Infinite Fandom

Chelsi Schriver West Sacramento, CA, US

This record has been the catalyst to so many important moments of my life. As my introduction to The Mighty SP in 1996, it opened my eyes to all of the wondrous and magical butterfly effects that loving a band, and so many pieces of music with all your heart, can evoke. From making lifelong friends, to cross-country travel, and getting deeply lost in ephemeral sonic moments you wish could last forever, it’s *all* because of MCIS. 

Arabian Desert Sadness

Pips CA, US

I was just an 11 year old kid living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia when Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness came out. I remember asking my parents to buy it for me and when I got home and played the tape, I was convinced that this was the most beautiful piece of art that I’ve ever heard. After the instrumentals of track 1 then “tonight, tonight” came on, it was the first time in my life that I listened to a song again after the first listen. I had to rewind the tape again and thus cementing “tonight, tonight” as my favorite song of all time. Thank you!

First CD i ever bought ❤️

Isabel Luz PT

I remember i saved my birthday money and bought it on the summer of 1996 when i was on vacation in Oporto. Best decision i ever made, best album i could ever buy to build my music education. MCIS means a lot to me: growing pains and sweet sorrows. 

Mellon Collie 1996 NYC

Erek Brooklyn, NY, US

At the very beginning of the Mellon Collie tour the Pumpkins played three intimate shows at The Academy in NYC on Jan. 11th, 12th, & 13th, 1996.  I was fortunate to attend all three shows.  1st sets were primarily beautiful soft acoustic, 2nd sets were full blast electric, multiple encores.  Stage lighting and setting were simple and pure, such as the 8ft flower on the stage.  No cellphone days, crowd was fully immersed, captured by the raw power and elegance of the Pumpkins unique creative force.  For me, a true snapshot of a more simpler/innocent time, experiencing a groundbreaking band gaining momentum/notoriety that were ready to unleash a true identity body of work for the world to absorb. Pic shown is the commemorative ticket designed by James Iha.  Happy 25th Anniversary Mellon Collie!!!